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Please understand that we are attempting to resolve any complaints that were lodged on Pissed Consumer. You were sent an email by Pissed Consumer requesting that you contact You elected not to respond. Frankly, we can’t do anything for you, if you don’t communicate with us. We hope that you will reconsider and contact our Chief Consumer Advocate. Thank you, CCA

A couple Years back I had cancer and money was tight. Told Davison that, and they still talked me into going ahead with my idea for $685.00.

They sent me about 3 hrs worth of research in a fat paper back book, well you know the type. They strong-armed me into sending $1000.00 more and treated me like they were doing ME a favour. When I tried to contact them again. They dodged me repeatedly and I never heard from them again.

Never saw my money back either. Wretched company.

Just received a settlement for $116.00, guess that's supposed to make me feel better. Cancer free now, so I'm happy.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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