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Previously you were asked to respond to in an email sent to you by Pissed Consumers. For some reason you elected not to respond. If you are truly a client we are willing to re-explain the agreements. We are also more than willing to consider any criticism of the portfolio provided to you. If it wasn’t up to par, we will make it right. But that means you will have to contact us. If you contacted Davison after June of 2008, you received and acknowledged an affirmative disclosure notice (describing the risks associated with new product development) and, in addition, you received an American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA) disclosure. The AIPA disclosure clearly states all fee ranges for the different services our team provides. Likewise, if you are from a state like Texas, California, North Carolina and many others that require an advanced description of fees and contracts, you received that information a second time before you spent a penny. We can’t tell exactly what you received because you haven’t identified yourself. You may elect to find a prototype and packaging shop in your local area to construct your product sample. If we furnished you with a New Product Sample Agreement in the past you can simply use this agreement as a means to ensure you receive the proper design, development and packaging services. Just remove the pricing from the agreement and, hopefully, you can find a company to produce your sample at less cost. In general, our pricing is substantially less than most prototype firms. Best of luck and if we can assist in the future please let us know. Sincerely, CCA

I too saw $$$ signs and didn't read any reviews 4 years ago, before sending them $695.00...I also had a great invention and when they sent me a letter and began harrassing me about another $10,000, AND the Sales Director was rude, I dropped out..thank GOD! I just got a check in the mail as well for the Class Action Lawsuit for $46.00...not much after the $695 I sent the person that THINKS he's made a good decision by borrowing some $10k plus from family and friends, all I can do is pitty're foolish!

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