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To Ms. Lonnie Tillman,

We understand that customer service is vital in all businesses, and is imperative when operating a successful business. Customer concerns upset everyone and our staff works very hard to troubleshoot them so communication errors are kept to a minimum. From the time of an initial contact, through the research and development of a new product idea, to the presentation of a client’s product sample, we try to maintain an open channel of communication, disclosing our services and fee upfront and securing our clients’ approval and authorization throughout the process. Unfortunately, your post mischaracterizes the scope of the work for which you contracted. The contract does not require the construction of a sample to your specifications and the contract does not require the filing of intellectual property protection, i.e. patents or trademarks.

You contacted Davison in July 2015, with an idea for a new product. You entered the Initial Pre-Development contract which obligated Davison to compile research on various U.S. patents and similar products on the market that were similar, or related, to your idea. This research was completed and provided to you. Subsequently, you entered the New Product Sample Agreement for the design and construction of a physical product sample, packaging, and presentation material. To date, you have not made full payment of the contract fee. Accordingly, no services are due to be performed. However, despite having not obligation, Davison does begin the design process when a client has paid 60% of the fee. A proposed design was submitted for your approval and you did not approve the design. The express purpose of securing a client’s approval of the design, before the physical product sample is constructed, is to resolve any issues at the early stage of the development process.

It is important to note that Davison is not a prototype manufacturer that creates a product sample based upon the client’s preconceived notions. Davison is a design and development firm whose goal is to create a product sample that is a cost-effective solution to the problem identified by the client. The contract explicitly states that there may be modifications, sometimes significant, to the client’s proposed solution. Davison remains willing to complete the terms of the contract after receipt of the remaining balance of the contract fee. Also, Davison will consider any suggestions submitted by you in writing that are consistent with the goal of a cost-effective solution to the problem.

For over 25 years, Davison has helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry.
Quick facts about Davison and our process

- We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and works with clients from around the world.
- We have been in business since 1989.
- Our products have been sold by over 1,000 stores & online retailers.
- We design, build and package products for both individuals and corporate clients.
- Our staff of 250 plus are dedicated to helping bring new product ideas to life.
- Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs.
- We are a member of the Online Business Bureau and other affiliate groups.

We encourage any questions or concerns be brought to our attention at Maybe we can help. Thank you.
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I was told in detail how by Mike Hyre how Davison invention could, and would bring MY idea to life! How it would be trademarked, and patented.

Mike Hyre explained how he could sketch it out as we spoke , he said he does it all the time, he also told us he clearly understood my idea, and he didn't need anymore clarification. For a fee, I would recieve my protype, the idea, as I explained it to him. After he recieved our money, 10,000 cash, he e-mailed a peace of trash that in no way resembled anything we spoke about, and suggested we just sign it. Mike Hyre asked that we just sign the contract so a licensing agreement could be obtained.

This was not the agreement. The Email had Rugs manufactor on the box, and after investigation , l found out Rugs name should not have been used on anything with my name on it. I have printed every email, including emails with specific details, and how my invention would work. Unfortunately this each time we spoke, Mike lied, I have emails telling him if it wasn't clear, ask for more clarity.

He did not, and my idea was never built period! From 2015 to the present, I am getting all paper work in order for for the Attorney general. Mike Hyre clearly stated, he understood from the very begining, and thought it was brilliant, as we knew already. He also told us we could save our money and not get an attorney, we would not get our money back.

Mike was emailed, measurements, details on exactly what my product would do.

My idea has not been deliervered, period! This was the biggest scam ever!

Review about: Davison Inventions Invention Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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