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This letter is in reply to the complaint of Ms., Rosemarie Sanchez, posted on your, against Davison Design and Development, Inc. (Davison). It is my hope that a summary of our dealings with Ms. Sanchez will shed light on her complaint. Initially, Ms. Sanchez did, in fact, contract with Davison for services, specifically the compilation of data related to her product idea. Ms. Sanchez paid for these services, Davison performed the services and Davison supplied to Ms. Sanchez the compilation of data. Subsequently, despite having received the benefit of the contracted services, Ms. Sanchez filed a complaint with your organization. On 05/23/2011, I spoke with Ms. Sanchez about her complaint. In that conversation, she indicated that she had been out of the country and that her sister had actually used her credit card to secure the services with Davison. In light of this information, Davison was prepared to refund Ms. Sanchez the full amount of the contracted services upon return of the product information that was sent to her. On 05/24/2011, I received a voice message from Ms. Sanchez wherein she admitted to fabricating the story about her sister. She apologized for her misrepresentation and pleaded her financial situation as the reason she was seeking a refund. Davison still was agreeable to refund a portion of her fee, provided she withdraw her complaint with your organization, return the work product, and sign a General Release. Ms. Sanchez was agreeable to this arrangement, and I sent the necessary documentation to her. On 05/30/2011, I received a voice message from Ms. Sanchez in which she informed me that your organization,, would not remove her complaint unless her request to do so was notarized. On 06/01/2011, I e-mailed Ms. Sanchez, providing her with an attorney local to her. I included the attorney’s name, contact information, and fee for notarizing a letter. Davison offered to include the cost of the notarization in the refund amount. On 06/17/2011, I received an e-mail from Ms. Sanchez, indicating that she could not afford the cost of having her withdrawal letter notarized. Davison remains committed to resolving any justifiable complaint in an amicable manner. It is not unreasonable, when a complaint is made, that the resolution be conditioned upon a withdrawal of the complaint. If and when Ms. Sanchez complies with the agreed upon resolution terms, Davison will promptly adhere to its offer. Thank you

As much as these people love to seem convincing with their stuff having 1 out of 100 something people's inventions produced, these people are scammers! You will not get a refund if you opt out of the deal based on your situation when you're in desperate need of money! They will suck you dry! They asked me for $9k - $15k!!! With that money, I could at least put some money down for a house or a new sport bike!

"...if Client does not make or obtain presentation materials and a sample acceptable to Davison, this Agreement will be terminated without refund of any amount paid by Client." What do you think about that?

I think it's a load of bull - they would not reimburse me for s**t. It's like they pick names and stuff out of a hat and say, yep let's do this with a customer.

They are misleading with their contracts, they will use methods to suck you in... Never mind their salespersons who are pushy and can't take the hint and then they ignore the request to contact someone by e-mail when phone calls to the US is expensive when you're from Canada. >_< I will never get my $745 back ever ever ever ever ever again! :(

Just to save your "life"/time and your money you're better off having whatever you have an idea for in a science fair, or at least get a kid to do the patent and give them an idea to present it and let THEM be discovered by real scientists who would actually benefit from whatever you have that would be of benefit to society. >_< So I'm friggen upset. 'Nough said.

Monetary Loss: $745.

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at least half of it. :cry




The nice guy on the phone told me he'd give me my money back if this goes byebye! :sigh


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