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To all out there – do not under any circumstance fall for the immature and uneducated post from this anonymous blogger who does not disclosure his/her identity, education, new product design and development experience, packaging background or how many inventions they have licensed and prototypes they have built. Receiving advice from anonymous bloggers is simply foolish. The internet is fraught with antagonists who believe they can hide behind their "internet handles". This person is going to be exposed and pursued legally. We strongly suggest that they read’s legal disclaimers. We hope that everyone understands that this antagonist has maliciously defamed our reputation by stating we are extortionist because we charge fees for our services. Obviously, this person needs to educate themselves on what the word actually means. Simply put, this antagonist’s statement is legally actionable. We find ourselves with no other choice but to pursue legal action for defamation. They have 72 hours to remove the comments. This person’s attempt to hide behind their internet handle "davisonextortion" will not protect them. A subpoena will be obtained and we will be able to track this person down through their ISP. Simply put, companies and their employees have had enough of this immature and unjust behavior and are pursing all legal means and remedies to protect their online reputations. What this person is doing is called "Google Bombing" and is performed by disgruntled former employees of companies, malicious competitors and those that just have a beef in life. This antagonist’s poor description of our service offerings and no reference to service agreements leads us to believe this "Google Bomber" could be a competitor. We would like to note that in the past competitors have posted false and malicious complaints about us on the internet. Instead of choosing to compete by offering economical product design, development and packaging services they have chosen to confuse consumers with false information. We don’t know if this person is a client or not because they did not include any contact information, not even an email address. We have found in the past that competitors hide behind "internet handles" rather than out in the open where their own conduct can be questioned. If a real client has a complaint they were really trying to resolve, why would they post anonymously?If this person is a previous customer we suggest that you re-read each agreement and then sit back and realize that you are the inventor of your idea and product. We did not invent your idea or product! Why you believe that our staff should perform services at no cost is beyond us. We do charge fees for our services and all of our service offers were clearly outlined to you prior to any purchases you made. In addition, you as the inventor could have presented your idea/invention on your own or hired another company to do it. No one here is holding you back but yourself from doing some of the work on your own, so you should consider your personal responsibility before trying to play the blame game. Like so many people today, you don’t want to be responsible for your risks and your contracts. You want your development handed to you for free and backed up with someone else’s money. Inventing and new product development is not right for everyone. You have to be willing to accept that inventing is high risk and costs money.We are in the business of building product samples and packaging. When you are in business you are obliged to pay the staff, taxes, operation expenditures, vendors, utility companies, and so forth. You need to realize that being in business costs money, but we run into inventors such as yourself that think we should work for free while you gain the opportunity to collect royalties from our work. It costs money to research, design and build products. You seem to forget that it was your invention and that you contacted us seeking assistance. Since we don’t know if this blogger is a competitor or not, below is a brief description of the services we offer and the way that we offer them: Step One: All customers must acknowledge invention development is high risk. In order to do so, each prospective customer is provided with an Affirmative Disclosure and an American Inventors Protection Act disclosure, which includes a description of all of our services and estimated fees. All potential clients must acknowledge that they received and read these disclosures before we accept any idea submission from them. Thereby, we ensure that the general public understands that inventing is time-consuming, costly and rarely results in profit. As a result, none of our clients reasonably can have the impression that inventing is easy and financially rewarding. Inventing can be educational, fun and exciting as long as everyone keeps in mind that there are no guarantees that profits are imminent. Step Two: Pre-Development Service Offer: After receipt of an invention idea we could offer to perform preliminary design research services on the project. This would include researching prior patents and other products that are for sale or have been for sale that are similar to the one submitted. Any service offer made to a potential client is made in writing. Therefore, consumers are assured of exactly what services they are purchasing and when they will receive them. Step Three: Invention Prototype Services Offer: If the inventor does not have a professional quality sample for use, we can perform one or more services, including brainstorming new product designs, designing components, creating prototypes, building working models, virtual reality renderings, and complete product graphics and packaging. Again, any service offerings are outlined in a written contractual format. Therefore, clients are assured of exactly what services they are purchasing. Step Four: Licensing Representation: Once projects are designed, built and packaged our team presents them to companies for licensing consideration. The above is a basic outline of how our company does business. Clearly, all of our services are provided with full risk disclosures and on a written contract basis only. If you are ever contemplating any development services, we hope that you will consider us. We think that you will find our prices to be very reasonable for the services we offer. For over 20 years, we have helped people prepare and present their ideas to corporations and manufacturers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry. Quick facts about our company and our process: We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and work with clients from around the world. We have been in business since 1989. Our company’s products have been sold by over 700 stores & online retailers. Our staff designs products for both individuals and corporate clients. We have over 250 staff members. Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs. We are a member of the Online Business Bureau. Our services include research, prototype development, and packaging design. We hope you found the above helpful, but if you want additional information on anything concerning the company, please email
Sturgis, South Dakota

To all out there. Do not under any circumstances fall for the *** they post on these and other boards about how they will try to fix whatever they've done wrong.

Just a note to the parasites as if they don't know how they rip off hard working Americans.

When we pay you the thousands of dollars buried in the contract is a little phrase. It could be packaging renewal, packaging repair, product refurbishment or words to that affect. This is how the parasites get you. What they don't state is AFTER you've paid the big bucks they want $360 (in my case) every time they submitted my product to companies that don't want to do business with these creeps.

Don't pay and guess what, it all stops. This is called EXTORTION. If any of you get a call from this racket tell them to ***K OFF It's that simple and Oh for the record. If they were going to fix any problems you had they would have done it when you had the problem.

I'm wise now after I've been screwed.

Don't be a total *** like me. You can do it by avoiding these parasites believe me.

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you are so right they do not try and fix anything when you contact them to fix your the media call the local news stations in pittsburgh i am sure they would be happy to do a can search them on the net and pretty sure they have people who would be very interested since they were sued by the FTC in 2006


i agree i am in the currently in the same situation as you are with them, it is so sad i fell for the scam and lost all my time effort and most of all MONEY,just wonder how they can keep going like this without more huge law suits from the FTC


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