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To Mr. Enver Sejdiu - Report # 436801,

We understand that customer service is vital in all businesses and is imperative when operating a successful business. Customer concerns upset everyone and our staff works very hard to troubleshoot them so communication errors are kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, clients are occasionally dissatisfied. You raised your concerns and we have attempted to address those concerns, even our company President has attempted to directly address your concerns. You have now chosen a new forum to voice your dissatisfaction.

Your posting has a thread of truth ? specifically that you entered into an agreement for research services which were performed, following that initial service you entered into an agreement for the design and construction of a product sample, a proposed design was submitted for your approval and you did not approve the design. Unfortunately, that is where the truth ends. Your post implies that you were provided with an evaluation of your idea. The disclosure statements you acknowledged BEFORE entering into any contract, as well as the contracts themselves, are explicitly clear that Davison does not provide evaluations of product ideas. Your post claims the proposed design ?had absolutely nothing to do with my idea?. It is important to note that Davison is not a prototype manufacturer that creates a product sample based upon the client?s preconceived notions. Davison is a design and development firm whose goal is to create a product sample that is a cost-effective solution to the problem identified by the client. The contract explicitly states that there may be modifications, sometimes significant, to the client?s proposed solution. Also, the contact explicitly states that use of OEM parts is anticipated. Further, even if the contract stated the product sample was to be designed exactly as your pre-conceived idea, you did not provide any specifications, plans, schematics or any information that would permit the company to make it and you acknowledged that in the contract.

The most concerning issue is your refusal to discuss a re-design of the product sample. The express purpose of securing a client?s approval of the design, before the physical product sample is constructed, is to resolve any issues at the early stage of the development process. You did not approve the initial proposed design, which is fine. However, despite our efforts, you have refused to discuss changes to the design. Davison remains willing to address those concerns.

For over 23 years, Davison has helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry.
Quick facts about Davison and our process

We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and works with clients from around the world.
We have been in business since 1989.
Our products have been sold by over 1,000 stores & online retailers.
We design, build and package products for both individuals and corporate clients.
Our staff of 250 plus are dedicated to helping bring new product ideas to life.
Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs.
We are a member of the Online Business Bureau and other affiliate groups.

We encourage any questions or concerns be brought to our attention at Maybe we can help. Thank you.

Davison take your money and give you a copyright product. In every way you are a looser.

After submitting my idea only to Davison, I received a call from Phillip Cotis and he told me that my idea is brilliant. He could not believe that no one has thought of this before. As he thought my product will be a worldwide use, he wanted to start on my idea as soon as possible. I first paid $750 for Davison to undertake a patent research to see if this product exists or if someone had such a patent. After a month or so Phillip got back to me and he said that this product DOES NOT exist and everything was possible to bring my idea to life.

He gave me a $9,300 ( all ready paid $6750 price in order to design and make a prototype of my idea. I paid them and after 6 months they came back to me with a design that had absolutely nothing to do with my idea and the design was a copyright of a product that already exists and is selling in the market. (Even Barbra Browning, the Licensing Director agrees that the two designs look exactly the same).

After refusing to sign and accept the design they presented to me, I spoke to Leo (engineer) and he said that the reason why they “made” the product this was is because to make my product will cost a lot of money and we will not be able to get anyone to manufacture it. Even thought I paid $750 for research and this shows that they did not do any research or word on my idea at all, instead when the time came for them to represent something to me, they simply went in the internet, found a product, copy and pasted the pictures and sent it to me.

I also spoke to Barbra Browning, she said we are sorry we could not design your product and we will NOT refund you the money as we worked on your project. Also when I mentioned what Phillip and Leo had told me, she simply said that she is different from them and does not know what they would say to me (which I do understand) but since all of them are working on my idea wouldn’t a reasonable person communicate with the team instead of making up stories every time they spoke to me. Also their stories never give you a direct answer, when I ask them a question they find a way to go around it and not answer it (a typical sales SCAM persons answers).

I would advise everyone to NOT GIVE DAVISON ANY MONEY!!! From my experience what I have found out is that Davisons’ are scam artists, they will take your money and find a way to make you think that they are in the right and you will not be able to do anything about it. You can end up with just a copied picture of an existing product that will cost you thousands of dollars.

I have all my conversations recorded and also have pictures. If you wish to see/listen to them do not hesitate to contact me and I will happily send them to you.

At the moment my first priority is to advise and stop other people from making the same mistake I did. I am currently preparing my case to take to the American Arbitration Association (AAA

Monetary Loss: $6750.

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