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Ms. Kautzman: We have investigated your posting and strongly disagree with your remarks. First, your memory of events comes into question because you hired us to perform initial research services on your project. These services included a patent search and a competitive product search. For some reason you elected to only pay 36% of the contracted amount to perform those services. Therefore, the services were not performed because you did not pay the contracted amount. We are a work for hire company and only provide the research report after receiving payment. We didn't hassle you for the money that you agreed to pay or make collection calls or turn you over to a collection agency to collect the monies due. Rather, we waited for you, the inventor, to decide how you wanted to handle paying for the work you requested and agreed to pay for your project. Second, you did not receive a refund check of $15.00 as "retribution" for people who paid for patenting on an idea. Rather, you received a refund check due to a 1997 lawsuit with the government that pertained to advertising and marketing issues. The case was settled and in doing so you received a small refund check. For the record, Davison Design and Development never did and does NOT provide patenting services. Rather we are a new product design, development and packaging company. We do encourage patenting at the right time; however, you would have to seek out a patent attorney to do that for you. Our product development processes mirror how must manufacturers research and develop their inventions and patenting, generally, is one of the last steps within the entire process. There are good reasons for this but we have chosen not to explain the entire process in this forum. Third, your baseless accusation that we "sold" your idea because you saw a similar product being sold on TV is actionable under libel laws. We will not tolerate defamatory behavior. If you opted not to pursue your idea and now have seen a similar product idea selling in the marketplace that mistake is completely yours - not ours. To simply cast a remark implying that we stole and are now selling your product idea in the marketplace is completely without any factual basis and can only have been made with intent to cause harm. You have maliciously made defamatory statements. We demand that you remove these comments. You have 72 hours to comply or all documents related to this matter will be turned over to our legal department for pursing you for libel. Do the right thing here and remove the entire comment. You should consider: 1. We have not pursued you for collection of monies that you owe us. 2. You have fabricated a story that is untruthful. 3. You don't want to be sued for libel. Thank you. CCA

For all you people out there that think Davison is a scam think again. The reason they charge money at the beginning is because you hire them to do a job for you.

When you go buy a car, do you expect the dealership to make payments for you? It's the same concept. And for those who see bad ratings on the BBB that company is a scam.

They only give companies good ratings because they have them pay money to them. They gave a terrorist group a A+ as well as a racist group because they paid them money.

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Interesting enough I to had an idea, went to davison with my idea. I paid what I could but it just seemed to be a waste of my money being I was getting no real results.

They said they were researching my idea to see if we could get a patent but really it dragged for months.

Ironically last year I got a check for $15.00 claiming that davison had to pay retribution to people who had paid on an idea that never received a patent. I never cashed the checked.

Here is the kicker about 2 months ago I am watching t.v and there is a commercial with my exact idea being sold.

So I am thinking they sold my idea. So now I feel foolish and cheated.


Hi Folks,

I see thay have been getting a lot of bad raps on the web the last few years. I can understand the frustration of the masses, but with them working with tens of thousands of peeps over the years, not everyone is going to be happy.

I worked there in sales for almost 3 years and it really isn't the horrible place people make it out to be. The Davison brothers are fair, generous and hard working people. They honestly did care about the customers. The business (when I worked there in the mid-2000's) got very big very quick, and with that comes growing pains, working out the kinks, or whatever label you want to give it.

As with any business you have customers who are a pleasure to deal with and you have others that would never be satisfied no matter how much work, focus and energy that you gave them. No, it's not cheap to research and develop a product, but we earned every dollar that you gave us. We had deadlines and accountability for our direct managers as well as other departments. I treated inventors with hard work on my end, respect and punctuality.

I did what I told you I was going to do and did it to the best of my abilities, and so did our team and management. With any growing company, we had to hire other reps, and hire them quickly. Some worked out, most didn't. Simply because Davison demanded hard work from us and some people thought they could do as minimal as possible to keep their jobs and unfortunatly Davison nor does the industry work that way.

It is very clear on the documentation that we sent you, and that you signed, that product development and invention promotion is a high risk venture. We did the best that we could to help the "little guy" play in the big leagues and actually have a shot being taken seriously. I'm sorry that most of you had a negative experience on this board, but deep down I think you know that you were treated with the utmost respect along the way. I still run into Gordon Davison from time to time and even though I no longer work there, he is still the gentleman that I knew as an employee of his company.

I don't know who (if any) that my post will help but it is out of my efforts to inventors that I gave 99% to on a daily basis while I was there that I felt inclined to post. I sincerely hope that the inventors on this board do in fact keep trying to pursue your one got anywhere in life by giving up...or complaining on an internet blog.

Fouke, Arkansas, United States #231236

yes they are professionals at ripping you off i personaly have been ripped for 4000 dollars or more they tell you they will take payments there not lieing they'll litterly take them and never give a dime back . there services are a big scam and davison has never done anything that realy took engineering or designing please understand this is a scam


WOW I was really about to work with them, but decided to do some more homework.

I'm really glad I did. I works really hard for my money, and don't need to be scammed. :/


so I paid what I was "suppose to" to get it the proto, only to find my bank account -$1,000 the next month AFTER they had what they needed, yes I did file a complaint with my bank, in 2 months time my money was returned and all my info changed... DO NOT SUPPORT THEM, THIS IS A HUGE SCAM NO ONE SEES THROUGH :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


so I paid what I was "suppose to" to get it the proto, only to find my bank account -$1,000 the next month AFTER they had what they needed, yes I did file a complaint with my bank, in 2 months time my money was returned and all my info changed... DO NOT SUPPORT THEM, THIS IS A HUGE SCAM NO ONE SEES THROUGH :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(




All legitimate companies get raided by the US Postal Inspectors, not just Davison! They ARE legit, otherwise the guys in the blue jackets wouldn't have been able to come in and have the entire staff leave abruptly.

It is what it is guys. The people keep coming running to your door with money to give you.

All your doing is taking it. Shame on their stupidity not your efforts in selling the dream.

Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan #218247 you send the client's files/ideas to China for design, engineering and graphics? If so, is this disclosed to clients? Is there a chance their ideas may be stolen in China?


Help! I need some advice, I haven't yet but am about to pay Davison Invention to research and get my product/invention started. Is this the same company that had the lawsuit back in 2008? Their address is also based in Pittsburgh...

Any information would be great before I take the next step....


Shade Gap, Pennsylvania, United States #215109

Nice one Davison. Not only have you paid off "Pissed Consumer", but now you are posting your own compliments.

What a joke. As if people don't see right through that. You may have been slapped on the wrist by the FTC with that diddly 10M fine, but your day will come again. Next time they'll leave you with nothing and shut you down for good.

To be honest, the problem isn't that you charge for services, but the service itself. Davison manipulates people into approving what they want to design so they can work with as many people as possible. Build people what they want and if it doesn't get licensed the blame will rest on their shoulders not Davison's.

If the client's design is something Davison deems as not feasible then DONT WORK WITH THEM. Your image with the public would be much better.

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