Reply by Davison Inventions

Dear Mr. Huey We would like to inform you that we have received your request not to be contact by Davison Inventions. This request will be put into action today. Sorry for any inconvenient this might have caused you. We wish you the best of luck with your idea or invention in the future. Sincerely, CCA

I mistakenly gave them my phone # and my idea for an invention, and now they won't stop calling me! How do I make them stop?

I even blocked them. Does anyone have Davison's e-mail that I could message? I am getting SO frustrated! Please help me out!

I am not worried that they will use my idea, because they said that it is confidential. I did not mean to contact them. I guess I mistakenly contacted them around the beginning of June 2012, and they WONT STOP CALLING!

Please help me out! And I bet you are frustrated too.

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