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To Danny Denney – Report #288801,

We understand that customer service is vital in all businesses and is imperative when operating a successful business. Customer concerns upset everyone and our staff works very hard to troubleshoot them so communication errors are kept to a minimum. From the time of an initial contact, through the research and development of a new product idea, to the presentation of a client’s product sample, we try to maintain an open channel of communication, disclosing our services and fees upfront and securing our clients’ approval and authorization throughout the process. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, clients are occasionally dissatisfied.

Your post contains statements which are simply incorrect. You allege you hired Davison to secure a patent -– this is false. Davison is not a law firm and does not provide patenting services, or any other legal service. All our contracts are explicit that any intellectual property protection is the sole responsibility of our clients. You allege that you were not informed of the fees for the development of your product idea – this is false. BEFORE any contract was entered, you were provided two separate disclosures in a printable and savable format which detail our services and the related fees. You acknowledged that you received and read these disclosures. The disclosures also state that it is our normal practice to seek more than one contract in connection with a submitted idea. Finally, you allege that Davison will use your idea without your authorization – this is false. All ideas submitted by our clients are made pursuant a Confidentiality Agreement. Davison has maintained and continues to maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ ideas. However, Davison can not account for similar, or the same, ideas that may be submitted by other clients or that may be disclosed to the general public through other avenues.

For over 23 years, Davison has helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry.

Quick facts about Davison and our process

We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and works with clients from around the world.
We have been in business since 1989.
Our products have been sold by over 1,000 stores & online retailers.
We design, build and package products for both individuals and corporate clients.
Our staff of 250 plus are dedicated to helping bring new product ideas to store shelves.
Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs.
We are a member of the Online Business Bureau and other affiliate groups.

We encourage any questions or concerns be brought to our attention at Maybe we can help. Thank you.

I submitted an invention and only wanted pantent for my invention, after paying $750.00 to get rolling and several months later they contacted me and asked me for initial $6500.00 to produce product of my invention. They gave me no information about this at beginning and when I denied $6500,00 as a disabled Veteran with no income for 14 months they will probably make my invention and make my money for my invention without contacting me, suggesting how to get my patent and how they screwed me out of my last $750.00

Best Regards,

D. Denney

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Ok i am certainly nervous cuz i just gave my idea to these ppl who said thwy were going to help me make money i wasnt trippin off the word royalty just knowing someone heard my idea for a way out for my children im frightwnd to know ive possibly handed these people a idea that may be worth millions .....smh


After reading through other peoples experiences with Davison of Pittsburg I was compelledto share my experience. I also have come up with an idea and contacted Davison regarding help with a patent.

They sent me information on their services and said it would cost me $750.00. I was lead to believe that was all it would cost. After making several installment payments, because I was unemployed and facing banckruptsy I could not pay the entire amount at once, they said they were ready for the patent search and buyer search for my invention. A couple months went by and I recieved a packet from them.

Very excited to see how much money I was to be offered, upon opening it I discovered they wanted another $5600.00 to do any thing more...My heart just droped to the floor. I wrote them an e-mail back and said if I had $5600.00 I wouldn't be going through bankruptsy and I would have already started to produce this idea of mine. Now after reading other sad stories I don't feel as lonely but more humiliated than ever. That intial $750.00 bucks would have been better spent on food for my family.

I guess if it sounds too good to be true it is not wise to believe it to be. :sigh

Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada #425386

I was watching TV one day & saw an ad for Davison. I wrote their number down & gave them a call.

The rep asked me some general questions & felt I may have a good idea. He sent me a packet asking me to describe my idea, how it worked & diagrams of it. I did so & mailed it back to them. I receive a call back from their rep who indicated my idea was solid & that he had check to verify there wasn't something similar currently on the market, he stated all was clear & we were ready for the next step.

He told me they would send me a contract to sign giving Davison permission to market my idea. After receiving the paperwork I read the contract through though didn't feel comfortable with some of the controls being given to Davison. One section stated that if Davison found a buyer for my idea for, lets say $100.00 though I felt it was worth far more they had the right to sell my product for the $100.00 & issue me a check for my % of the sale.

I was not comfortable with this agreement & decided to break ties with Davison. I would say about a year later I was watching TV and an ad came on for my exact product, "The Perfect Push Up." I know it is possible for someone to invent the same tool as I did, at roughly the same period of time, though the fact that I shared info with them without a patent makes me feel the way they do business is flawed or unethical.


Be careful, I had the same problem and now I am being push hardly to delete or assume that I knew the conditions previously. If I don't do so the are theating me saying that they will take legal actions against me. It seems to be that that is the way they work.


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