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Please understand that we are attempting to resolve any complaints that were lodged on Pissed Consumer. You were sent an email by Pissed Consumer requesting that you contact You elected not to respond. You don’t say how you were duped. In fact, the only statements in your complaint that resemble facts appear to be from the disclosure statement that you would have received prior to entering into any contracts with the company. Thus, you received information that you feel is relevant to assessing the risk of loss and still went forward with buying services. Inventing a new product is not for everyone. You have to be willing to accept that inventing is high risk with no guarantees of profits. All services are offered on a written contractual basis. In addition, each client must acknowledge, by actual or electronic signature, an affirmative disclosure notice which outlines the risks associated with inventing. We also provide the American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA) disclosure to all potential clients prior to our staff taking on a project. The AIPA disclosure further outlines the risks associated with new product development and describes all of our services and anticipated fees. As well, each contract describes what services will be provided and the price for those services. If you truly feel that you had somehow been duped, contact our consumer advocate and say so. We cannot do anything for you without knowing that you are an actual client, not just a competitor seeking to muddy the waters, and what you claim happened to you. We wish you the best of luck with your invention or idea. Thank you, CCA
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Please do not be duped as I was (and many 1000's of others have been by Davison Inventigration. They are the most polished, slickest scam artists out there!

Of over 42,800 who've sent them money, many 10-14,000.00, on 13 (since 1989) have made more from invention that what they paid to Davison).

Have 163 complaints with BBB of Pittsburgh, many unresolved.

Were sued 26,000,000 by FTC in Apr. 2006, and they are still doing everything they were sued for!!

Have 26 complaints on " (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office).

Monetary Loss: $685.

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Kolding, Syddanmark, Denmark #13426

This company blatantly lied to me about what it would provide for 685.00 in terms of a "research portfolio." The new products director told me the money would go for a "complete and exhaustive patent search to make sure that your product would not infringe on any product currently out there." However, when I got the portfolio, it only had information about 10 products. When I requested a refund from a company VP, he denied the new products director would have told me that the search would be complete, but would only was to assist in design of product.

2) Second reason I requested refund of 685.00 was that I was told I would be working with a well known company. However, the company assigned to me, SysonicsUSA, is very small and unknown - and had a non-working number on its website homepage. They refused to give me refund - even in speaking to 3 levels of managment. (3 - They also deceptively led me to believe design work was already being done on my product prior to requesting the 685.00.

But when they approached me for 12-15K to develop a sample of my product, they denied any design work had been done. VERY UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANY ..SHOULD BE CALLED DAVISON DISINTEGRATION OF YOUR FINANCES.


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