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Previously you were asked to respond to in an email sent to you by Pissed Consumers. For some reason you elected not to respond. It is surprising how some people simply feel it is the responsibility of others to do the work for them. At least you now know the types of services you should be considering when developing an invention so you can price out the work. We can only assume that any companies that quote you in the future will be cast in a negative light too because they charge fees for their services. All services are offered on a written contractual basis. In addition, each client must acknowledge, by actual or electronic signature, an affirmative disclosure notice which outlines the risks associated with inventing. We also provide the American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA) disclosure to all potential clients prior to our staff taking on a project. The AIPA disclosure further outlines the risks associated with new product development and describes all of our services and anticipated fees. As well, each contract describes what services will be provided and the price for those services. Our records did indicate a person named Angel Flennory had received the disclosures, signed a contract with the company, made a small down payment and then stopped communicating with the company. If that is you, please contact us. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement about that contract and the down payment. Inventing and new product development is not right for everyone. You have to be willing to understand that inventing is high risk with no guarantees of profits. We are in the business of building product samples and packaging. When you are in business you are obliged to pay the staff, taxes, operation expenditures, vendors, telephone companies, utility companies, and so forth. You need to realize that being in business costs money, but we run into inventors such as yourself that think we are a charity or simply that we should work for free while you gain the opportunity to collect royalties from our hard work. Simply put, it cost money to build products. You seem to forget that it was your invention and you contacted us seeking assistance. We are here to help, so if you have questions or want to provide information on your complaint to our Chief Consumer Advocate, we ask again for you to contact us. We wish you the best of luck with your invention or idea. Thank you, CCA

from2007-2008 Davison has & still is misleading consumers that seriously want to cash in on their new inventions.They syphon money from you and say all you want to hear just to keep you hanging in there.My roommate warned me not to trust them and boy was he right! .then they don't keep in touch with you for the most part ,you have to call them to be milked for hundreds and thousands of $ with every phone call when they finally do talk to you.I hate the company for giving false hope to honest people.I hope they are shut down for good and sent back to *** with their leading father SATAN.-Angel flennory-Boyd

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Wow, I am so glad that people posted this. I have been contacted for 2 weeks and Davison is really trying to get my money from me.

I am unemployed and a single mother but they really didn't seem to mind to prey on innocent people. I went to the Better Business Bureau today and they gave Davison an F.

I will not be sending them any money. Thanks again.


I did it i sent 556 dollars just a month ago i just got my 3 ring note book very cheap looking !now that i have read all of the comments on this site, i have a question ?now that they have my idea and i signed all of the paperwork can i brake it off with them and go to invention help .please write me back i really believe in my idea and i don't want to see it get played with thanks for everything ..


Been a bit of time since I left the company, but from reading your posts, it's still the same ol' Davison. Did you guys really send money that you worked hard for to a company that you have never SEEN?

To a person whom you have never MET? Can I ask WHY? We used to love people like you, we made so much cash, drove new cars and had more grown up toys to play with because of you. And I'm sure your product never got licensed let alone never made a dime.

Am I right?

Yeah, you got scammed. But hey, like PT Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute.


I Agree 100%....Davison Inventegration is a terrible - dishonest company. They have no intention of helping to get your invention off the ground, they don't know how to design a straight line.

You would think they would learn a lesson when the FTC fined them for dishonest practice.

You need to contact the FTC NOW about your dealings with them.

The FTC needs to know they are still up to doing business as usual. If enough people do this the FTC will listen and possibly shut them down.


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