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To Ms. Wascher; Initially, your post stating you were “ripped off”, that you did not receive a workable prototype, and your implication that your “idea was stolen” is FALSE and DEFAMATORY. We suggest that you read’s legal disclaimer concerning personal liability for posts. Our staff of over 250 people and their families don’t deserve to be defamed by a poster. Second, it bears noting that your project with Davison began in 2007, all services were completed by May 2009 and yet you waited nearly three years before posting this complaint. We understand that customer service is vital in all businesses and is imperative when operating a successful business. Customer concerns upset everyone and our staff works very hard to troubleshoot them so communication errors are kept to a minimum. In your particular case, as with all our clients’ projects, our services were provided only after complete disclosure of our fees and services. Our services were provided according to your express written approval and authorization, and the services were provided to your documented satisfaction. You were provided explicit disclosures BEFORE you entered into any contract. You approved the design of your product sample and provided positive feedback about the design. You authorized the presentation materials and provided positive feedback about those materials. You were shipped your product sample on 05/22/2009. Despite having received our services, to your stated satisfaction, you posted this complaint. In the interest of customer satisfaction, we offered additional services at no additional charge. You initially accepted this offer, and then recanted, deciding to pursue your antagonistic approach. As detailed above, there is no basis to warrant a refund for services performed to your documented satisfaction. For over 22 years, Davison has helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry. Quick facts about Davison and our process • We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and works with clients from around the world. • We have been in business since 1989. • Our products have been sold by over 990 stores & online retailers. • We design, build and package products for both individuals and corporate clients. • Our staff of 250 plus are dedicated to helping bring new product ideas to store shelves. • Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs. • We are a member of the Online Business Bureau and other affiliate groups. We encourage any questions or concerns be brought to our attention at Maybe we can help. Thank you.

Update by user May 26, 2012

My complaint is not defamatory in that it is my personal opinion. I never said it was a fact, but merely my suspicion.

In prior rebuttal Davison insinuated I did not review the contract sufficiently, etc. My experience was I did not get a workable prototype, was convinced to sign off on a design I hated, and taken for a lot of money for nothing to show for it. I was not under any delusions my idea would be accepted, however, not even having a protype after spending literally thousands of dollars is unacceptable to me. At no time was I antagonistic as you stated in your rebuttal and that could be defamatory, as well.

I was always polite and considered anything Davison representatives talked with me about. After reconsidering however, it seemed like just more of the marketing rhetoric and I preferred not waste any more time with a probable unsatisfactory result again. When I asked for my money back instead, suddenly I was met with a hostile attitude, as evidenced in your rebuttal. I am also not hiding behind an anonymous identity, as mentioned in the first answer to my complaint.

Anyone is welcome to contact me at if they would like to know my experience with Davison. I also will share my experience with Davison at the Tennessee Inventors Network in Nashville at their monthly meetings.

Original review posted by user Feb 24, 2012

I hired Davison to help me through the process of designing and licensing a product idea. I was wooed by a slick marketing person for progressively more money as the process went on, convinced to accept the change in my prototype design in the end, and of course it was not licensed after just one presentation to one company.

I wasted thousands of dollars and cashed out a retirement fund to get their help and got nothing and no workable prototype.

I saw my original design the next year on the market and think my idea was stolen from the marketer. I am embarrassed to have been taken by Davison and would not recommend them to anyone wanting to develop a product idea.

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Hey i had a call from a vice president has any one else had a call like this in relation to their idea :)


lets get an lawyer this is really bad


I was just contacted by Davison about my product. Prior to signing/agreeing on anything, I decided to check on their services.

Found this site and read the comments. I am glad to have read them to get a broader idea on what to expect. I think we have to be careful on what is aggreed upon on contract so both parties benefit from our ideas.

If I don't like something, I will not share my idea.

Thank you for posting everyone.


I think we should come together and hire a lawyer because the same thing happened to us. There was nothing like that out there and the salesperson even confirmed it himself..that it was an original idea, but by the time the prototype was made the product became widely available in a few months.... something smells fishy and I am definitely

not giving up now.


" wow good thing i read this hopefully the goverment gets involved cause people innovative dreams and life savings are believing in hope from Davidson !!... it looks like what they do is seperate the good ideals that will make money on both party's and the not so successful ideals , they drag you so you can pay for there overhead ...

i know cause i know martial arts do the same the good fighters competitive we take under our wings and make a title for our school and money comes successfully .. and the slow learners that want to be champion pay the over head ...but after 10 years some get far or still at basic cause that is as far as there body and mind can get them usually self defense is as far as they can go in life and champion fighters believe it or not you got to be a natural and a little adjustment tweak here and there and we get you there to be a champion and we discount you or don't even let you pay monthly anymore ... cause you natural skill make my school look good !!! now for slow learners they will know after 6 mos if they are going to be a champion or just dragged for years just being a instructor or practioner of the art ..

i know as a master if your going to be a champion just by the 1st tournament or sparring they have if they win overall or some take 6 months then they win some never do for 10 years but they are good teachers so if they teach in my school they do get a cutt and usually make it as a champion.. my point just like a innovative some ideals are a everyday market that people want so i can see them working with you even split or buy your ideal... some innovators getting into it, it may not be a everyday item people will buy so i can see Davidson proberly does take you fot a ride hopefully some manifacture or company wants you, so for now if no one is interested .. i can see davidson hiding hope for your ideal will get bought .but they are working on marketing your ideal but nothing is free !

you got to pay for services just like martials arts ... what i say to my students ,clients i say the truth to martials arts its all up to you !!! to be a champion fighter we see money in you will stick with you and push for it to happen now someone who has fears, and timing is soo off i can't throw all my support in you like davidson they have lots of clients just like martial arts we can't just focus just on you !!! but if we see you can be a champion and we don't have to work hard to become a champ ...

then we don't charge you as much as we do for people who dream to be a champ now every person who walks into our school to be a champion and every one of them do become a champion then there is no source of it being interesting we be all rich so my belief is only a few peope will make it !! yes we put in your mind you will become a champion by ( our silent motive is ) train hard and the more you dedicate the closer your wealth will come in becomming a champion like Davidson the innovation of your ideal is needed the less you have to put funds into it to make it happen there are defauts and if every person ideals comes walking into Davidson and davidson get every one of you innovators success they wouldn't be advertizing how good they are making your dream happen... it would be a word of mouth how good davidson can make your ideal a success not davidson bragging only the success not the ones that weren't... we all need to pay bills some will make it and some won't as much as they don't have the heart to tell you they took you in to see if your ideal will make it they are risking there selfs you don't see it !!

but they do put there service in there and some effort ,, just like martial arts we put our extra trainning into you but its al up to your demands that people want you .. like davidson its the demand if they want your ideal...we will keep you on and you are hiring them for there services to try to find someone want your ideal .. it can take years but some day some one will.. some people ideal will only take a week to become success cause of the demand of consumers just like martials arts the demand of that fighter will decide the success ...

i have family that works for news scene ch# 5,7,2 4 ...

they might be able to stop this and like my school if you got the money and are a big martials arts school its hard to battle a law suit cause you pick us to service your goal we can't make everyone a champion but as long as you keep paying for our services we will get you up there some where ... but not a champ maybe a master a practioner we give you our service all we know to get you up there but if the people want better they will pay for the better we can not put a gun to a customers head to make them buy your ticket to watch you fight just like Davidson they can not put a gun to someones head to buy your ideal especially if no one seen your ideal really work on performance like martial arts your performance in the ring will decide if people want to buy to see you fight your in martial arts its your performance your ideal its the performance of the product which will make stores want your ideal ~ CHi Master


i was going to sumit my idea to them but glad i desided to do a little rechurch. I think that i shude get a pattent my self. and take my protipe to any show that comes to Denver.


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