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Previously, you were contacted by Pissed Consumers requesting you to contact us at to resolve your complaint. Since you have chosen not to contact us we will describe how our services work. Your complaint is most certainly not accurate. Davison has never signed a contract that in any way guaranteed a manufacturer or license agreement to anyone. The company does not guarantee license agreements or that someone will be interested in any particular product idea. In fact, Davison has always provided to its potential customers information that showed that the likelihood of obtaining a license agreement and profiting from an invention is very small. Since 2006, consumers have received the information at least twice in writing. Inventing and new product development is not right for everyone. You have to be willing to accept that inventing is high risk with no guarantees of profits and the company’s contracts and disclosures make that very clear. If you have some particular complaint or can point to a provision of your contracts that support your complaint, we would love to hear from you directly. Sincerely, CCA

I wish someone had told me of this site years ago. Davison strung me along with a guanteed audience from a manufacturer who was interested in my idea.

I have a signed contract with Davison saying they were going produce a virtual product sample among other things for this manufacturer and get a licensing agreement.

By the looks of things I am not the only one who found this site to late. I have lost alot of time and money over this company and I would really appreiciate it if anyone could post a good law firm for this type of nightmare.

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They almost got me too, but after researching and finding this website, they will not get my money!! Feel sorry for those they ripped off!


I've been done too, they got nearly $14000 off me. Check this out something i put together.


same here they never called back and followed up on anything they took my money


Usually, if a companies' complaints are no longer listed at Rip-Off, that said company is paying a retainer to not have any negative comments posted on the Rip Off site.

Nis, Vojvodina, Serbia #29794

Hiya, I had an invention idea I went to Davison and was told to start off with I would need to pay £400.00. But thanks to this site I wont be proceding.

Thank You

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #20380

They took my $690 too. I had place the amount on my Visa.

I contacted Visa and supplied all documentation including the "agreement".The amount was taken off my charge. Visa said Davison has 45 days to dispute my claim. I pray that Visa will support me in this action. Thank you all who have warned others in this scam.

I put a complaint on Rip Off but they have not listed, actually they contacted Davison with my complaint. Do not know if that site has an agreement with Davison.

Pilot Grove, Missouri, United States #19576

They got me too


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