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We are happy to address your comment. It would be the rare person today who does not recognize that China is a major player in the world’s economy. Large product design and engineering firms having locations in the United States, like Frog Design and IDEO, have established offices located in foreign countries like China. We invested in China to establish an economic means to help save consumers money. As a matter of fact, in over 22 years in business, our prices have rarely gone up. We’ve been able to achieve economies of scale by working here in the United States and in China. (We’re pretty sure that the people in China desire the right to want to better their lives as we have been able to achieve here in the US so we don’t really understand why you would want to strike out at our Chinese employees. They are good people who believe in quality, integrity and our mission to be able to provide the most cost effective product design approach ever created.) There are even design firms establishing offices in Mexico not to mention many have offices in Europe. As well, I think we all know that most major manufacturers here in the United States have offices and manufacturing plants in China and other parts of the world. It’s simply good business and saves the consumers money. One additional fact that bears mentioning is that every product sample is made, assembled and packaged in the United States. CCA

Davison Design / Formerly known as Inventegration...I've heard a rumor about your "design" you send your client's files/ideas to China for design, engineering and graphics? If so, is this disclosed to clients?

Is there a chance their ideas may be stolen in China? I know this is supposed to be an All-American company...are you selling your client's invention ideas to China??? Just wondering.

And why do you have so many more Davison-licensed products on your website than client-licensed products...just wondering. Are you in it for your clients, or yourself?

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