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Previously you were asked to respond to in an email sent to you by Pissed Consumers. For some reason you elected not to respond. Simply put, inventing and new product development is not right for everyone. You have to be willing to understand that inventing is high risk with no guarantees of profits. That is what the information that we sent you was intended to convey. What is great about your complaint submission is that it reflects that you read the information provided to you and made the informed decision that the risk was too great for you. We know you won’t, but you should be applauding Davison for being transparent instead of condemning it. We are glad that you appreciated the quality of our marketing materials and contracts, and we are very glad that you took the time to read everything. The point here is that some, not all, like to take chances and in doing so understand that risks are inherent when seeking new opportunities. If you are a working for a competitor, grow up and follow the business etiquette protocols and basic ethics. Compete on quality and price. If you are a real consumer, best of luck with your invention. Thank you, CCA

I'm so glad I checked this site before sending Davison any money. I was told the EXACT same things as others down to the T! Even got the lil nice full color package and contracts. I thought WOW, they really must be a professional company! Or just have tons of money to spend on marketing/advertising!! Boy, they really had me intereseted. I knew this sounded too good to be true. The ratio of folk getting thier product in stores and making money off of it compared to those not making any money is NOT worth me flushing $700 down the drain on a *** game when gas is $4.00 a gallon! While I live in Mesquite, TX and they are in PA, the contracts clearly stated contradictory information that seemed to supercede both. I didnt have money to seek an attorney so I came here. Thank u "I'm Pissed" and to all of you who shared your horror stories! thanks to you my concerns have been addressed properly.


InNaam in Mesquite, TX

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I am another, among many others, who had a bad experience with Davison Design & Development. They are nothing but scammers who think they need your money more than you do. Don't be taken in by their false promises.

You can read more about them in a posted complaint at the following url:

Pass the word on to anyone you know.


so where do you get the money that this person owe you.Since when can a company get awawy with this and no one hac said anything to bring back the money that they took from me. In the 90's they took my money and now they gave me under one hundred dollars.

That is nothing when you deserve to get back more. They took my invention and did what with it? THEY EVEN GOT A NEW NAME.



...almost got me for $695.00 too. I got to be an international Davison client, I submitted my idea and started getting calls. I got the same package with the same 10 products (by the way that bikeboard is actually the only product I believe they have)I was about to give away my precious $695.00 but as you can see money is something I don't give out that easily, started investigating and read and article in the Forbes site which was kind of negative then got to read the ripoff and pissed, I feel really sorry for those who got scammed and wish them to pursue their dreams even if the waves of conflict are against you.


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